Client Testimonials

“I would like to thank William and Natalie for the service you have provided to me.  I appreciate the time and patience.  You answered all my questions completely and did not rush me through this process.  Thank you for giving me peace of mind.”  -R.C.

“The experience was quite good.  They were easy to work with, knowledgeable, patient, and readily available.  They always took the time to be sure we got our questions answered.  They identified a schedule and kept to it.” -T.S.

“5 stars, A Big Effort Made Accessible- We are pleased with our experience with the Hayes Law Firm.  They are professional, courteous, accessible, and detail minded.  They made a somewhat sobering and complex experience more understandable and achievable.  Thank you.” -V.M. and L.S.

“5 stars, Great Learning Experience-   Our overall experience was one of satisfaction as well as a learning experience.  Natalie and Attorney Hayes were extremely knowledgeable in the estate planning process.  They explained each step of the process in a manner that we could understand.  They were always punctual when meeting with us, and the meetings were always concise and to the point.  They were also pleasant and friendly.  Our overall Experience was great!” -Y.M.B.G. and W.G.III


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